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Patient & Clinical Team Resource

Updated on: 10 Feb 2020   First published on 05 Feb 2020

Author:  Dr Ajay M Verma 

Dear colleagues,

I have developed with a trainee – Dr Solange Serna – an online resource to be used by any patient undergoing endoscopy procedures. It is a resource highlighting information that is contained in a standard pre-procedure patient endoscopy booklet. Being web-based, it has been enriched with images and video which adds to the user experience. It should work on any platform – PC, laptop, tablet & mobile. It was developed after advice from a QC barrister stating that to ensure consent for endoscopy procedures are valid, the more avenues for information available the better; verbal, written, and online.



This has been live for a few days now with good feedback, it has sections on endoscopy basics, gastroscopy, sigmoidoscopy & colonoscopy. Further sections on ERCP, capsule endoscopy and therapeutics will go live later in the year. I would be grateful for feedback via email (ajay.verma@nhs.net), through the website, or via Twiiter (@UKGastroDr). I hope you find it useful, if so please share with patients pre-endoscopy so it can inform them appropriately, and enhance their endoscopy experience.”


Kind regards

Dr Ajay M Verma

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