Climate Change & Sustainability

The impact of climate change and sustainability on health and healthcare provision is of concern to our members, as it is to our patients and the wider population. Many of our members are already involved in projects to address these issues. Globally, climate change has major adverse effects on gastrointestinal and liver health, and the ability to deliver effective healthcare. Environmental sustainability of healthcare provision causes concerns including emissions, lack of recycling, use of non-recyclable plastics, and unnecessary travel for patients. The NHS net zero ambitions are world-leading, and BSG and its members have an opportunity to contribute to these aims. We also have an opportunity to collaborate with other national and international partners. The issues around sustainability are complex, and research opportunities exist.

Read the BSG Climate Change & Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability in Gastroenterology

Prof Andrew Veitch, BSG President, interviews Dr Sandeep Siddhi, BSG Sustainability Lead, on the issue of Sustainability in Gastroenterology.

Sustainability news

Liver News Sustainability
April 02, 2024

BSG/BASL Sustainability Webinars

BSG/BASL webinar series focussing on sustainability in the context of liver disease

March 28, 2024

BSG's Climate & Health Scorecard Results

This initiative evaluates the climate action of health organisations across four domains: internal operations; finance; education and training; and advocacy.

October 15, 2023

UK Health Alliance on Climate Change (UKHACC)

The BSG is one of more than 20 health organisations that have come together in the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change (UKHACC) to advocate for responses to climate change that protect and promote public health.

Latest Publications and Resources

BSG Resource: Green endoscopy poster 

Display this poster somewhere prominent in your unit as a reminder of “small wins” to make your hospital greener.

Gut: Green Endoscopy: BSG, JAG and CSH joint consensus on practical measures for environmental sustainability in endoscopy

Frontline Gastroenterology: Greener gastroenterology and hepatology: the British Society of Gastroenterology Strategy for Climate Change and Sustainability

Frontline Gastroenterology: Green endoscopy: practical implementation

Gut: World Gastroenterology Organisation – Gut Commentary Series on Digestive Health and Climate Change

This compendium of nine commentaries, each summarising one, or a hybrid, of nine educational webinars is organised by the WGO. The webinars covered the why, what and how in terms of climate change (CC) as related to digestive health hazards, disease implications and actionable interventions.

Sustainability Education Resources

February 20, 2022

BSG'21: Climate Change, Sustainability, and Liver Disease

The below video is a presentation by Dr Mhairi Donnelly, a Consultant Hepatologist at NHS Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals, on “Climate Change, Sustainability, and Liver Disease”.

February 20, 2022

BSG'21: Green Endoscopy

The below video is a presentation by Dr Bu’Hussain Hayee, a Consultant at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, on “Green Endoscopy”.

Sustainability BSG Webinar
February 01, 2022

Sustainability in Gastroenterology

This webinar, recorded on the 14th July 2021, featured talks on sustainability in gastroenterology. The webinar was chaired by Dr Andy Veitch, BSG President-Elect.