Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Ending Sexism in Medicine Pledge

We are proud to have signed the BMA’s Ending Sexism in Medicine Pledge addressing the cultural and structural factors that cause sexism in order to improve working conditions for medical students and doctors.

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BSG Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy
This document provides members with: an overview of the purpose of the strategy; a summary of the three key performance areas: culture, governance, and representation, and an activity plan set across 3 years.

BSG Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Report – Summer 2023

One of the actions of the recently released BSG EDI strategy is to publish data on membership, committees, council, guideline author groups, and event speakers and chairs which is outlined below. This report will be published annually, with an update each year on progress against the 3-year plan.

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EDI in Gastroenterology

Prof Andrew Veitch, BSG President, interviews Dr Manmeet Matharoo, Consultant Gastroenterologist, on Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

BSG action plan on tackling sexual misconduct in medicine
The BSG is committed to eradicating this behaviour in healthcare.

Diverse Speakers Database

The BSG is committed to developing a culture within the society where all individuals have equality of opportunity and inclusion, irrespective of protected characteristic or geographical location. Our specialty is becoming increasingly diverse and we must ensure that our event speaker panels reflect this diversity. Speaker invitations enhance a presenter’s profile by increasing their visibility and networking opportunities, and ensure our diverse specialty has role models to aspire to.

SWiG has developed a database of talent from lesser represented groups including women, minority ethnicities, district general hospitals, new consultants, trainees and allied health professionals. This list is organic and so we encourage speaker suggestions from all BSG members.

This Diverse Speakers database will be available at the BSG offices for judicious distribution on request by BSG members seeking a speaker based on their expertise for their event.  Please email comms@bsg.org.uk to access its contents.

Follow this link to easily self-nominate or nominate others as speaker suggestions to be added to the list.

Misha Kabir
BSG SWiG Chair