BSG Sexual Safety Support and Resources

The British Society of Gastroenterology was appalled by the findings of the recent British Journal of Surgery publication reporting on women and men sexually assaulted and raped in the last 5 years. Whilst this study was undertaken in the surgical workforce it would be naïve to think that this kind of behaviour has not occurred in gastroenterology practice.

The Society applauds the brave women and men who have contributed to this report and hopes it acts as a catalyst for change and support for those hesitant or afraid to report these criminal acts. The BSG stands with you.

The BSG unequivocally condemns sexual violence and the cultures that exist to protect perpetrators, it has no place in the world, let alone in our healthcare environments. The BSG also believes that it is time to challenge the cultural environment where such behaviour is allowed to develop. For too long, misogynistic and discriminatory talk has been allowed to be passed off as harmless banter and unsolicited attention brushed over.

The action we will take

We are committed to playing our part in eradicating this behaviour in healthcare and have outlined some of the initial steps we are committed to taking below.

We have established a working group, supported by Liz Elder, Head of Marketing and Communications, from within the BSG office to take this work forward. You can contact Liz directly at

The BSG has also published an EDI strategy and is committed to delivering to support the workforce.

We are also a signatory of NHS sexual safety charter.


The following educational webinars are available for BSG members to watch on demand, with more planned on topics like bystander training and cognitive bias.

The Power of Civility in Healthcare

Unconscious bias

Sexual harassment poster

Am I part of the problem? How can I be part of the solution? The BSG has created this poster that may be put up in units, encouraging trainers to consider their behaviour.



BSG has reviewed our Events Code of Conduct to ensure that it includes unwanted, inappropriate and harmful sexual behaviours and timely action against alleged perpetrators. We are also reviewing what other measures we can undertake to ensure BSG events are safe and welcoming for all.

The recent West Midlands Sexual Safety in Medicine event for leaders held in February 2024 is now available to view via the WM PGVLE. View using the Guest Access login tab, and the password 0000.

Help and Support

General Support

Within NHS Trusts, Clinical and Educational Supervisors, Directors of Medical Education, Medical Directors Nursing, AHP and other Line Managers are available as sources of advice and support.

NHS England Civility and Respect - in its simplest form, civility and respect is about how we treat each other at work. In highly pressurised NHS systems, behaviours of incivility and disrespect can become common place. People report that bullying and harassment is prevalent in the NHS, and this rude and unkind behaviour can have a detrimental impact on staff wellbeing and patient care.

Specific for Individuals Affected by Sexual Abuse, Violence, or Other Forms of Sexual Misconduct

If you experience or witness sexual harassment or assault in the workplace, if you feel able, please report it through your hospital procedures and, if appropriate, to the police.

NHS Support Guide Victim Support Guide

Whistleblowing advice

Protect provides confidential advice on Whistleblowing.