Welcome to the Awards section of the BSG website. Our portfolio of awards aims to celebrate exceptional accomplishments in the field of gastroenterology and hepatology. Please note some awards are only available to members.


CSSC Service Development Award - new category for nurses/AHPs

Recognises the work carried out by BSG members that has made a demonstrable impact on patient care by innovative service improvement. Check out our 2023 top submissions here. This year, we are delighted to offer a new dedicated prize category for nurses and AHPs!

Sir Francis Avery Jones Research Award

Encourages research by gastroenterologists working in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

Hopkins Prize for Endoscopy

Awarded for the best submission regarding a technical innovation in the field of endoscopy, a new method using existing endoscopic equipment, or contribution to endoscopy research.

UK Barretts Oesophagus Registry (UKBOR) Prize

Recognises an up-and-coming researcher and provides them with expenses to allow them to travel to the USA Digestive Diseases Week (DDW) meeting.

Nurse Awards

Outstanding Contribution to GI and Hepatology Nursing Award

Recognises an individual that has made outstanding contributions to any field within GI nursing. Applications can be self-nominations, or nominations can be made on behalf of a BSG member.

Trainee Awards

Trainees Leadership and Management Prize

Identifies and promotes talented trainee leaders nationally in order to promote leadership in gastroenterology for the future.

Trainees Out of Programme Prize

Helps gastroenterology trainees in the UK access training opportunities that are not available as part of their local training rotations.

Young Gastroenterologist of the Year - Clinical & Translational Science

Identifies and promotes talented trainee clinical scientists nationally in order to promote research and science in gastroenterology for the future.

The Alistair McIntyre Prize for Improving Gastroenterology Training

Supports work that may improve gastroenterology training in the UK.

Past Winners

The list below comprises previous winners from the last few years.

Check out our past winners here.

BSG Award Principles

The BSG has a number of prizes, awards grants and bursaries that are open to members at different stages of their careers

Being considered for any of these is an opportunity for members to enhance their portfolio and strengthen their career and be publicly recognised for their achievements. Being awarded by a national society can also be a great opportunity for the member’s unit, hospital and trust.

The BSG’s awards and grants programme would not be possible without the work of our judges and the society expresses gratitude for their work.

Principles of BSG Awards

All BSG awards should follow a fair, open and transparent process. 

  • At least 3 judges score every applicant
  • Judges are not publicly identified to ensure they cannot be contacted by applicants
  • Where possible, applications are anonymised before being judged. If this is not possible due to the nature of the award, each judge should confirm they have no COI for each applicant
  • Each award has a scoring system with clear descriptors that ensures judges are marking consistently
  • Any requirements for applicants have been considered against the BSG’s EDI policy
  • The BSG reserves the right not to award any prize if it is felt there is not sufficient quality of relevant applications, to ensure the reputation of BSG awards is maintained. This will be determined by judges’ scores and agreed upon by the relevant committee chair.

In addition, the BSG has appointed an adjudicator, who will oversee the administration and judging for all BSG awards and grants to ensure these standards are met, and will receive a copy of the attached for each award the BSG administrates. The adjudicator will also oversee any complaints to ensure due process is followed.

  • A complaint must be received in writing to within 1 month of the decision of the prize being communicated
  • The complaint will be considered by the adjudicator, who will be independent of the judging process. If the adjudicator has any COI, a deputy from the BSG Executive will be assigned to review the case
  • The adjudicator will review the case and respond within 28 days of receiving the complaint