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The British Society of Gastroenterology is focused on the promotion of gastroenterology and hepatology. It has over four thousand members drawn from the ranks of physicians, surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, scientists, nurses, dietitians, and others interested in the field.

Why join The BSG? 

Wherever you are in your professional journey, the British Society of Gastroenterology is here to support you with the latest clinical information, training, professional development and events. When you join the British Society of Gastroenterology, you join a community of healthcare professionals committed to excellence in gastroenterology and hepatology including students, GPs, Nurses, Pathologists, Doctors, Consultants, Scientists, Researchers – and many others.

BSG has represented and supported its members since 1937 and has over 4,200 members across the world, with representation within the British Royal Colleges and consequently the Department of Health and Government. Internationally it is represented at World and European level.

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Member Testimonials
“The BSG is a community of like-minded enthusiasts. It has long been inclusive and welcoming. Being a UK gastroenterologist or GI nurse should be synonymous with being a BSG member- the society supports its membership and needs our support in return.”
– Prof. Siwan Thomas-Gibson
Consultant Gastroenterologist/Endoscopist and Dean St Mark’s National Bowel Hospital & Academic Institute, Professor of Practice (Gastrointestinal Endoscopy) Imperial College London
Membership Benefits
Becoming a member of the BSG will provide you with:
  • Invites to network, learn and share ideas with your peers and those with common specialist interests regionally, nationally and internationally, this a test text
  • Exclusive access to members-only events
  • Discounts of up to 30% off BSG-endorsed events, including the Annual Meeting to maintain your professional development
  • Access to BSG Web Education platform
  • The latest news from the GI community with a weekly newsletter and regular email updates
  • The latest translational and clinical research in gastroenterology and hepatology through free access to Gut, Frontline Gastroenterology and Open Gastroenterology
Access journals wherever you are
Get exclusive flipbook format digital access to journals, included in various categories of membership.
  • As part of our sustainability agenda, we are offering an environmentally friendly way to access journals.
  • Flipbook is a useful and accessible digital alternative which can be accessed on a phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Scroll through like a traditional journal and magnify if required. Indexing takes you straight to the required page, content can be searched, and embedded links in the references take you to the abstract.
Frequently Asked Questions
Please note that BSG Membership is intended for medical, nursing or allied health professionals not employed in a company selling medical equipment or pharmaceutical products for-profit. If you need any support, contact our membership team at the email below.
  • You can become a member of The BSG by selecting the relevant category for yourself from the dropdown section above, and then following the registration process which will guide you through completing your user profile, and then through completion of the checkout to pay the annual subscription for your chosen membership type. 
  • Cancelling your New Membership for BSG

    You may cancel your application within 28 working days of receipt of our confirmation and will receive a refund of fees paid. You must make any such request in writing, by post, or by email to membership@bsg.org.uk A refund of the subscription fee paid will be sent to you within 14 days of the receipt of your notice of cancellation.
    If you cancel your membership after 28 days, you will not be eligible to receive a refund.
  • Payment of Fees

    All applicants are required to pay the appropriate annual subscription upon joining the BSG. 

    All fees are payable to the Society in Pounds Sterling. Direct debit is the preferred payment method, but you can also pay by debit or credit card. Membership will be activated once the full payment has been received, either by direct debit or debit/credit card payment.
  • Data Storage and Retention

    BSG only stores personal data on servers located within the European Economic Area (EEA). BSG will not retain personal data any longer than it needs to, to fulfil the purpose for which it legitimately holds the data.  This is subject to assessment according to circumstances, but we take the following factors into consideration:
    • Whether it is necessary to continue to store the data to continue to perform our contractual obligations
    • Whether we have any legal obligation to continue to process information, such as any record-keeping requirements imposed by relevant law or regulation
    • Whether we have any legal basis to continue to process information, such as consent or our legitimate interests
    • Any relevant standard practices, or guidance from the regulator on how long information should be retained
    • How confident we can reasonably be that the data is up to date and accurate
    You can refer to the full Privacy Policy and Conditions of Use by clicking HERE