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New President, Same Values

Updated on: 19 Jun 2020   First published on 19 Jun 2020

Author:  Dr Alastair McKinlay 

As I take office as BSG President I felt it important to reiterate the vision of the society.

The BSG will support its members as they work to ensure that the NHS recovers safely from the COVID crisis by:

  • Providing guidance on restarting services and training,
  • Supporting its members with high-quality educational material through our website, webinars, publications and meetings, whatever the social, physical or travel constraints that circumstances impose upon them.

The BSG will affirm its commitment to equality and inclusion in all its activities:

  • The same opportunities within the organisation, irrespective of colour, creed, gender, orientation or nationality.

The BSG will stand up for patients, by promoting high-quality care:

  • Delivered through its charitable objectives of research, clinical standards, education and training.
  • By supporting its members throughout their working lifetimes, through our Workforce, Workload, Work-life program.
  • Through its international program and connections.

The BSG will strive to be transparent and to keep its members informed and involved.

The Society is genuinely proud of the huge commitment its members have made to support the NHS through the current crisis.  Uncertainties remain, but the BSG will continue to be flexible and adapt to meet its members’ needs, whatever the future holds.

New President, Same Values.

I could not sign off without extending my appreciation for my predecessor, Cathryn Edwards.

Most BSG Presidents get two Annual Meetings on which to leave their mark. Sadly in Cathryn’s case, COVID-19 has deprived her of an opportunity to experience first hand, the gratitude of her colleagues and friends in the BSG. The retiming of our Annual Meeting to 2021 was essential, but has meant that there has been no public forum in which to thank her.

So here is a brief appreciation of her term of office.

Alastair McKinlay

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