28 October 2021

BSG Webinar: Clinical Controversies in Endoscopy Part 2


This webinar, recorded on 13th October 2021, was a continuation of the previous and very popular Clinical Controversies in Endoscopy webinar.

Overview of the programme and speakers

  • Case 1: Coeliac disease – to biopsy or not?
    • Prof David Sanders, Academic Unit of Gastroenterology, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Case 2: Repeated foreign body ingestion – Should it stay or should it go?
    • Dr Mark Wright, Southampton University Hospital NHS Trust
  • Case 3: Tattooing in colonoscopy! Have we got it right?
    • Dr Adam Haycock, St Marks Hospital
  • Case 4: Gall stone pancreatitis in a surgically unfit patient! Is ERCP sphincterotomy the right approach?
    • Dr Richard Laing, University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust