14 January 2022

BSG/BASL AUD Webinar Series 1 – Episode 6: Peri-transplant assessment and management of alcohol use


The BASL / BSG Alcohol Use Disorder Webinar Series is a series of 6 webinars (hosted on Zoom) that took place from 10th February to 14th July 2021 and discussed different elements of the management of a patient with an alcohol use disorder through an individual patient’s journey from initial presentation, through to the development of alcohol dependency, end-stage liver disease and transplantation.

The below video was recorded on 14th July 2021 where speakers Sister Liz Shepherd, Lead Specialist Substance Misuse Nurse and SMSLT Chair, Royal Free Hospital, London, and Dr Jennifer Ryan, Alcohol Lead, Consultant Hepatologist, Royal Free Hospital, London, presented on 'Peri-transplant assessment and management of alcohol use'.