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First published on 31 May 2022

Faecal immunochemical testing (FIT) in patients with signs or symptoms of suspected colorectal cancer (CRC): a joint guideline from the Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland (ACPGBI) and the British Society of Gastroenterology (BSG)

Authors (Guideline development group (GDG)) Kevin J Monahan / Michael M. Davies (Co-chairs, and lead authors). Co-authors: Muti Abulafi, Ayan Banerjea, Brian Nicholson, Ramesh Arasaradnam, Neil Barker, Sally Benton, Richard Booth, David Burling, Rachel Carten, Nigel D’Souza, James East, Jos […]

First published on 23 May 2022

Joint BSG/BASL Updated Guidance on Endoscopy for Variceal Screening and Surveillance in Chronic Liver Disease Patients in the COVID-19 Pandemic Service Recovery Phase

Background This interim guidance relates to the screening of patients with compensated cirrhosis to identify varices. It replaces the previous interim guidance in 2020 when elective NHS services, including routine endoscopy, were halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic and many […]

First published on 25 Apr 2022

Investigation and management of Wilson’s disease: a practical guide from the British Association for the Study of the Liver

Wilson’s disease is an autosomal-recessive disorder of copper metabolism with hepatic, neurological, psychiatric, ophthalmological, haematological, renal, and rheumatological manifestations. Making a diagnosis can be challenging given that no single test can confirm or exclude the disease, and diagnostic delays are […]