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Workforce, Workload, Work-life

Updated on: 10 Feb 2020   First published on 29 Jan 2020

Author:  Dr Alastair McKinlay 

The BSG is very aware of the increasing pressures of work experienced by our members. We have run Workforce surveys over many years, but our understanding of our members’ Workload remains very limited. As a result, it is difficult to make meaningful recommendations about the number of gastroenterologists and hepatologists that will be needed to meet the growing demand for care in the future.

The BSG Executive and Council have recently approved a project to develop an “App” that will allow us to gain more information about the day to day workload experienced by gastroenterologists, hepatologists and trainees across the UK. We hope to produce an electronic diary that will not only help the individual with their job plan, but also provide the BSG with anonymised data about the volume of clinical work our members undertake.

We are looking for people who might be interested in helping with this exciting project, either by joining a small development group, or by acting as “beta testers”. No special knowledge is required, nor will it involve a lot of meetings or time. A willingness to share some details of your job plan, in strict confidence, might help in the design of the App. If you are interested please contact Mark Hacker at the BSG.

The outcomes of the workload project may be very important in the future, to allow proper planning of services and to ensure that the research, teaching, quality improvement and other work carried out by gastroenterologists, gets appropriate recognition. More importantly, it will try and ensure that those who follow us into a career in gastroenterology will get a better work-life balance than some of us have experienced in the past.

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