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Research Committee

The purpose of the BSG Research Committee is to stimulate the quantity and quality of basic, translational and clinical gastrointestinal and liver research conducted in the United Kingdom, with particular reference to clinical research and widespread involvement of Society members.

Any member interested in becoming involved in research should contact a member of the Committee.

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Name Position
Ramesh Arasaradnam Chairman and Small Bowel & Nutrition
Cathryn Edwards BSG President
Stuart McPherson BSG Senior Secretary
Mark Hull UKCRN GI Group
William Rosenberg UKCRN Liver Group
Rebecca Jones / Dhiraj Tripathi / Richard Aspinall Liver Section
Ian Rowe Liver RDG
Naila Arebi Adolescent & Young Persons
Matthew Banks Endoscopy and Endoscopy CRG
Karen Kemp BSGNA
Yan Yiannakou Food & Function CRG
Ian Beales / Neeraj Bhala Gastroduodenal
Shaji Sebastian IBD and IBD CRG
Alex Ford Neurogastro’/Motility
Jason Dunn / Danielle Morris Oesophageal
Vikram Mitra Pancreatic
Morgan Moorghen Pathology
Kevin Monahan Colorectal
Chronis Pavlidis / Jennie Clough Trainees
Omer Ahmad Trainee Rep – Endoscopy CRG
Julian Marchesi Chair, GMfH (Gut Microbiome for Health)
Linda Thomas Secretary, GMfH (Gut Microbiome for Health)
Julie Harrington GutsUK
Rebecca Fitzgerald / Simon Leedham Academic Committee
Barry Campbell Scientists in Gastroenterology
Jeremy Nightingale Small Bowel & Nutrition deputy