Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS trust

Advanced Luminal Endoscopy fellow
One year
We are inviting enquiries for the position of Senior Fellow in Advanced Luminal Endoscopy at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. This post is designed to provide training opportunities in Advanced Luminal Endoscopy (ESD/Advanced EMR - both uppers and lowers, RFA) essentially providing skills to equip the candidate to provide such services to both upper and lower GI MDTs. Applicant would be independent in diagnostic endoscopy, lesion recognition, and hemostasis. Research opportunities to do collaborative research will be provided and encouraged. This post will be supervised by Dr Pradeep Mundre and Dr Richard Lord. The post holder is expected to provide 3 service lists and a independent clinic per week. Active involvement in large polyp/Colorectal cancer MDT, Upper GI MDT is encouraged and timetabled. The department is a specialist center regionally for Advanced Luminal Endoscopy. This service covers a large population of 1.2 million across 4 hospitals from 3 different NHS trusts.
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