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Wellbeing Resources

This section of the website aims to provide our community with support on looking after their wellbeing and mental health.

It’s vital we open up the conversation as workplace stress in healthcare affects not only doctors’ mental health, but the quality of care provided for patients.

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s more crucial than ever that you look after your own mental and physical health while you are looking after others. Recognising early on the red flags associated with occupational burnout can help you prevent it.

We have developed a range of resources below to help you recognise warning signs, provide advice on looking after yourself, how to get help and where, as well as inspiring interviews from our own members.

BSG Trainees Wellbeing Webinar: Shirley Remmington Presentation

The BSG Trainees Webinar: Wellbeing for Doctors & How to get Gastro Speciality Training Back on Track, was recorded on the 26th February 2021 and featured talks regarding wellbeing and mental health, and how trainees can get their training back on track after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The webinar was chaired by the BSG Trainees Committee Chair, Dr Elizabeth Ratcliffe and was introduced by Dr Alastair McKinlay, President of BSG.

Watch the opening presentation on ‘Wellbeing for Trainees’ by Dr Shirley Remington, Associate Dean, HEE North West, by clicking play on the video to the left.

Member Assistance Programme

We’re delighted to announce a new Member Assistance Programme to all BSG members, provided by Vita Health Group. As a member of the BSG, you can register to gain access to an online digital hub which offers counselling, wellbeing, and life management support services, as well as self-help information and advice.

Vita Health Group is a fully accredited and award-winning specialist in workplace Musculoskeletal and Mental Health services. Their Assistance Programme is a 24/7 confidential service designed to provide practical and emotional support to prevent, address, and support all of life’s issues.

Their specially trained legal and information team can help resolve issues around debt, legal concerns, consumer and care and more, whilst counsellors are on hand to manage any emotional concerns.

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