05 December 2023

Masterclass: Non-reflux oesophageal disorder


As a gastroenterologist working primarily in secondary care for the last 30 years, I felt it was necessary to cover the important common oesophageal diseases that most gastroenterologists and associated professionals are likely to meet in their early years in the specialty, leading to the title of this talk.  I hope it appeals to the audience at all levels of their career and serves as a useful update and reminder of diagnosis and management.

Watch Dr Danielle Morris’ interview with Dr Vathsan (Vats) Ravindran about her main talk on “Masterclass: Non-reflux oesophageal disorder”.


Dr Danielle Morris

I have been a Consultant Gastroenterologist at East and North Herts since 2003. I have a special interest in oesophageal disorders including early diagnosis of Upper GI cancers,  Barrett’s oesophagus and eosinophilic oesophagitis and a sub specialty interest in therapeutic endoscopy and endotherapy for Barretts dysplasia.

I have led the gastroenterology  clinical research for the trust  in a number of large studies including AspEct, BOSS,  BEST2,3 and Spit studies and recently the DELTA and PROSPERO and COSiE study.

I am the chair of the BSG oesophageal section and previous BSG committee member for SWIG. I sat on the BSG committee for the development of the recently published BSG guidelines for the management of eosinophilic oesophagitis.

Having established an early diagnosis service incorporating capsule sponge/cytosponge triage during COVID, we now have the largest UK single site experience and were awarded the BSG CSSC prize in 2023. I also sit on the NHSE Cytosponge oversight committee.

I am a mother of 3 daughters, 1 a medical student, and I’m a runner and Labrador lover!

Dr Vathsan (Vats) Ravindran

Dr Ravindran is a Gastroenterology specialist trainee and endoscopy research fellow at Imperial College London. He is involved in medical education, simulation and research. His research focusses on improving patient safety in endoscopy and developing endoscopic non-technical skills and human factors training. Dr Ravindran is a trainee editor with the British Society of Gastroenterology Web education team.