08 August 2023

Masterclass: New Drugs for IBD



A number of exciting new molecules with differing mechanisms of action have entered the therapeutic armamentarium of IBD. These come with significant advantages and may complement or replace some of the current treatments. The positioning and sequencing of these new molecules will be guided by the practical real world evidence and experience for their efficacy and safety.

Watch Prof Anjan Dhar's interview with Prof Shaji Sebastian about his main talk on ‘Masterclass: New Drugs for IBD’.


Prof Anjan Dhar

Professor Dhar is a Consultant Luminal Gastroenterologist at County Durham with research interests in IBD and Oesophageal Diseases. He is Chair of Education for the BSG and a Council Member. He has over 150 publications in peer reviewed journals.

Prof Shaji Sebastian

Professor Sebastian (Seb) is the lead clinician at the IBD unit in Hull University teaching Hospitals, Hull. He leads an integrated IBD Unit (IBD HULL) of clinical and research staff, which prides in personalised care models for IBD patients. IBD Hull has gained recognition as one of the most research active IBD units in the UK and collaborates in several multicentre national and international IBD studies. The current research areas include novel risk prediction in acute severe colitis, multimodal approach to perianal Crohn`s disease, Inception cohort studies , pharmaco-epidemiology.  He is involved in and leads large research global consortia in orphan areas of IBD.  He has over 300 peer-reviewed publications focussing on IBD (H- index 48).  He holds a number of academic and industry grands for clinical and translational research in IBD.  He was awarded the NIHR Royal College of Physicians research award for outstanding contribution to research in 2016 and National BAME researcher of the year award in 2019. Seb chairs the CLINICOM committee of European Colitis and Crohn`s Organisation (ECCO) , member of the operations board of ECCO and member of CONFER Task Force committees of ECCO. He has been co-author for a number of European Colitis and Crohn`s Organisation (ECCO) guidelines and workshops in various aspects of IBD. He is the research committee chair of the South Asian IBD Alliance (SIAA), a global patient and healthcare provider organisation focusing on IBD among south Asian diaspora. Nationally, he is the chair of the BSG research committee and exec committee member, current member of IBD CRG, International committee, lead of the IBD subgroup of BSG AI task force and past chair of the adolescent Section of British Society of Gastroenterology.  In addition, he leads the NIHR  Y&H LCRN gastroenterology speciality.