Meet Mel Constante-MacCallum


Mel Constante-MacCallum is a unit manager/Senior Sister of the Endoscopy Unit at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

What attracted you to a career in gastroenterology/hepatology?

At first it was the hours, it suited my need at the time having no weekends and evenings shifts, it fit perfectly.  During my time as a staff nurse, I enjoyed every experience with all the different procedures.  I realised that it's not only the hours that I enjoyed, but I embraced the work within the endoscopy unit, and the satisfaction of delivering excellent patient care to all service users is just priceless.

What advancement in gastroenterology/hepatology are you most excited about and why?

Throughout the years, I witnessed how this speciality developed though medical innovations.  One that interests me is Artificial  Intelligence - its vital role in assisting image analysis can make accurate assessments and provide more information than conventional analysis, resulting in fast diagnosis and appropriate therapies to improve care for patients.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I like the variation of my role as clinical and managerial.  I am able to continue to teach and impart my knowledge clinically to my colleagues, whilst managing the large diverse team to ensure smooth delivery of the service.

What is the one thing you would change?

The increasing reliance of the NHS on the private sector to provide NHS services due to the pay discrepancies.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given in your career?

Accept your limitations but continue to gain knowledge and the skills that will assist you in performing your job.

What does being a BSG member mean to you?

Being a member is a privilege with an advantage to having access to all the educational resources which helped me during my training.  As a unit manager, it helps me maintain the safe delivery of Endoscopy services by accessing BSG guidelines.

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