Meet Christian Selinger


Dr Christian Selinger is currently a Consultant Gastroenterologist and Lead for IBD at St. James’s University Hospital.

What attracted you to a career in gastroenterology/hepatology?

I really liked that gastroenterology offers you the ability to combine the physician aspect of wards and clinics with the procedures we do in endoscopy. The combination of intellectual and procedural challenges was really appealing. I also really like that we have a wide spectrum of illnesses that we treat and see patients of all ages. It is nice to see patients with IBD during their different stages of life and help them to get well to achieve their ambitions.

What advancement in gastroenterology/hepatology are you most excited about and why?

It is really exciting to see our ability to treat disease in our field change in front of your own eyes during your career. Since I started training in gastroenterology, we have seen revolutions in our ability to cure hepatitis C, we can now remove early cancers and very complex polyps endoscopically. In IBD we have six to seven advanced treatment options rather than just one. It is stimulating to see that we can improve the care for our patients and it keeps you on your toes for lifelong learning.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I really enjoy the variety in my work. Moving from MDTs to endoscopy, to a clinic and then ward based work keeps it varied. I like working in teams. Gastroenterology is team work, especially in endoscopy and IBD.

What is one thing you would change?

There is too much pressure on the system and as a result it is hard to take time with patients and to take time to think about improvements in the system. If we could reduce the pressure, I think we would offer much better services.

What's the best advice you've been given in your career?

Challenge yourself and think what you can do to get your career started/advanced. We often tend to think just about how we can get to the finishing line with trainings and get a consultant post but there is so much more to it. Clinical medicine is great but adding research, teaching, BSG work or management to the clinical work really makes a career that bit more fulfilling.

What does being a BSG member mean to you?

It means being part of the largest GI community in the UK. You can make a difference and be part of the decision making. We forge the future by creating clinical guidelines, delivering education, transform training, foster research and strive for quality improvement.

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