A high-quality sustainable alternative to paper journals

As part of our sustainability agenda, we have been working with BMJ publications to explore a more environmentally friendly way to access the journals Gut and Frontline Gastroenterology, which we receive as a membership benefit. Traditional paper journals have a large carbon footprint in terms of production and distribution cost, and of course have a cost in loss of trees to produce the paper.

I am really excited that we have the opportunity to try a genuinely useful and accessible digital alternative which can be accessed on a phone, tablet, or computer. Even sceptical colleagues who love their paper journals have been impressed by the flipbook format which can be scrolled through like a traditional journal, but also magnified if required. Indexing takes you straight to the required page, content can be searched, and embedded links in the references take you to the abstract. Please use the links below to access examples.

Gut: flipbooks.bmjjournals.com/26222/98046/

FG flipbooks.bmjjournals.com/26222/97960/

We see this as a genuine alternative for our members, and would like to hear your views at president@bsg.org.

Andy Veitch

BSG President

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