Event Endorsement Guidance

Endorsement Guidance

  1. The meeting or resource must be consistent with the BSG mission statement:
    • To maintain and enhance high standards of patient care
    • To enhance the capacity of members to discover, disseminate and apply new knowledge to the benefit of patients with digestive disorders
  2. Endorsed courses or meetings are those that the Society will badge officially as being relevant and important for its members
    • Endorsed courses or meetings must be UK-based
    • The applicant responsible for the course or meeting content should be a BSG member of good standing
    • The applicant responsible for the course or meeting should have no pecuniary interest in the meeting
    • The content of the course or meeting should be determined predominantly by the applicant responsible for the meeting
    • Events should have educational benefits for BSG members, at the discretion of the BSG Education Committee
    • The content of the course or meeting must not have any restrictions or qualifying requirements imposed by any commercial sponsor
    • At a meeting with commercial sponsors, the BSG Declaration of Sponsorship slide must be shown at the beginning of every presentation.
    • A course or meeting will not be considered for endorsement if it is scheduled to be held within 4 weeks either side of the BSG Annual Meeting. In addition, a course or meeting with live endoscopy will not be considered for endorsement if it is scheduled to be held within 6 weeks either side of BSG Endoscopy Live.
    • For a repeat course or meeting, feedback from the previous course must demonstrate at least 80% positive feedback responses.
    • Events should be submitted for endorsement at least one month before taking place.


Academic courses with no industry funding £350 + VAT
Courses partly or fully funded by industry £500 + VAT

Course organiser obligations

  • BSG support should be acknowledged at the course, meeting or event
  • The course or meeting should offer preferential rates to BSG members. A minimum 30% fee reduction for BSG members is to be applied
  • Pay the fee that applies to your event +VAT to the BSG within 14 days of receipt of invoice
  • The course or meeting must have CPD approval from one of the Royal Colleges unless primarily aimed at trainees
  • Display the BSG logo on all materials associated with the course or meeting
  • Provide feedback to the BSG Education Committee within 6 weeks of any meeting in both detailed and summarized format. This feedback must include a question about whether the meeting was biased in favour of a sponsor. If the meeting evaluation indicates that the meeting content was biased, a ‘no-endorsement’ sanction will be imposed on the meeting for a period of 1 year
  • The BSG  logo should be used in promotional materials
  • Sponsorship support and extent must be clearly stated on any promotional material and on the ‘declaration of interest’ introductory presentation

Our Obligations

  • Include the course or meeting on the BSG website events calendar
  • Include the course or meeting in the monthly BSG eNewsletter
  • Promote the course or meeting via our social media channels
  • Circulate the course or meeting details by email from the BSG to the relevant BSG section after request approved by the relevant section chair

Additional Information

In addition to the terms in the guidance, please note the following:

  • ‘BSG Events’ are meetings either supported or organised by the Society. Sections of the BSG can apply for financial support no later than December for a meeting planned for the following calendar year. This application must include any budgetary requirements. Approval of funding is granted at the discretion of the BSG.
  • ‘BSG Endorsed Events’ are meetings which the Society has ‘badged’ officially as being relevant and important for its members.
  • BSG reserve the right to amend the event copy provided.
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to apply for Royal College CPD in advance (see CPD guidelines). Events aimed primarily at Trainees are not eligible for RCP CPD; a BSG Education Committee working group will assess these events.
  • Event organisers should contact the BSG Education Committee as early as possible in order to benefit from potential promotion.
  • Event organisers should avoid dates clashing with other BSG events. The BSG reserves the right to ask organisers to change the date if a clash would occur.
  • The BSG Education Committee’s decision is final.

For any queries about events endorsement, please contact BSG at education@bsg.org.uk

Applying for Endorsement

To apply, please complete and submit the form below.

All applications for BSG Education Committee endorsement are to be submitted by BSG members.

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Applicant details

Course Details

If accepted, your event will be advertised with this title.
Please enter your email address if no other address is available

Course Content

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Please reselect your primary option if you only have one target group.
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Accreditation and Feedback

The CPD application states that the target audience must be clearly identified in terms of professional role and specialty. The Federation CPD scheme is intended primarily for Consultants and Staff and Associated Specialist Grades.