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BSG AI Task Force

The AI Task Force is a group of British Society of Gastroenterology members who have a specialist interest in the rapidly developing area of artificial intelligence as it applies to gastrointestinal medicine.  The Group is under the auspices of the British Society of Gastroenterology Research Committee.

The group was formed in 2021 and includes over 30 members who meet four times a year. The focus is to identify the key needs of gastroenterologists and their patients in service delivery, research, and teaching. The group has formed special interest groups (SIGs) in each of these areas, as well as SIGs for natural language processing (NLP) and disease-specific areas including inflammatory bowel disease. The quarterly plenary meetings ensure that all the groups continue to work together for the common good.

Check out the below video of a presentation by Prof Michael Wallace, Fred C. Andersen Professor Of Medicine, Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, USA on ‘Artificial Intelligence and Gastroenterology’ from our 2021 BSG Campus event, which took place online 21st – 29th January 2021.

Special Interest Groups


The task force had formed specific SIGs to reflect its key focuses below.

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The AI in Clinical Practice group is an exciting and dynamic group of gastroenterologists with a keen interest in AI.  The group will work with other special interest groups to explore how AI can be used reliably, safely, and effectively in clinical practice. This group will aim to develop BSG standards for AI adoption and implementation. The broad applications include computer vision, machine learning, quality control, and remote monitoring technology. These areas will be discussed including the medicolegal and ethical aspects which may impact the delivery of AI in clinical practice. Longer term goals will be to collaborate with AI academia and industry to leverage the rapid access to technology. 

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If you are interested in joining the task force, please fill out this short form.