North Bristol NHS Trust

South West Endoscopy Training Academy Gastroenterology Fellow
8 months

The aim of the fellowship is to increase GI endoscopy training opportunities whilst still being able to access other speciality training. Posts should be eligible for OOP-T status and could count towards training. Employing trusts will be required to guarantee the availability of two endoscopy training lists per week. Two other sessions will be available for the fellow to deliver service lists (subject to JAG certification status) or attend service lists for additional training. One session will be available for research/education. The remaining sessions will be used to backfill local registrars.

The fellowships are open to SW trainees and trainees from other regions, and have been designed to enable gastroenterology trainees to have a defined period of training with a focus on increasing endoscopy experience and expertise.

Most suited to ST5+ trainees wanting to increase their lower GI endoscopy experience, but are also open to ST3+.

There is no defined on call commitment for the fellowship posts. However, 50% of the fellowship is spent backfilling the local SpRs. This may include some daytime on call commitment - eg GIM cover. There is no expectation for out of hours on call cover and the fellowship are not funded for this. However, if there was a local need for this, it would have to be negotiated with the fellow and funded by the trust.

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