Queen Elizabeth Gateshead

Endoscopy Training Fellowship
One year
An ST5-level or above post is available at QE Gateshead starting Sept 2023 for 12 months. The post would suit a doctor who has spent a few years on the gastroenterology training rotation and is preferably signed off in OGD and Colons. The candidate should be keen to further develop training skills in diagnostic OGD and colons with opportunities to develop some therapeutic skills and would like to take a year out to develop a special interest in endoscopy training. 2 independent and 1 dedicated training endoscopy list per week. 2 OP clinics and 1 session on the ward. Organisation and participation in the regional training courses is a central aspect to the role. QE Gateshead provides 12 basic and advanced courses per year. QE provides a regional service for ESD and we run a regional MDT discussing complex rectal polyps- attending and supporting is expected. POEM procedures are done every 2 months and we have a Achalasia MDT monthly.
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