Clinical Fellow (Advanced Endoscopy)
Usually 1 year but flexible by negotiation to 2y

Please note that this listing is not for an active position at this time, and is for information only. The post is currently filled for the next two years, and applications will not be considered. Please look for a detailed advert on the NHS Lothian Careers Site before enquiring.

Based at Centre for Liver & Digestive Disorders, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. Funded by NHS Lothian via Diagnostics capacity funds, the post is 10 sessions per week (Mon-Fri), with a contribution to out of hours on-call for GI emergencies (ST rota). There is no commitment to GIM. 5 sessions/week are protected for advanced training in one of three areas (agreed and advertised each time and specified at interview): HPB endoscopy (ERCP+EUS); Upper GI (advanced imaging, EMR, RFA, APC, stenting, oesophageal physiology, Cytosponge); or small bowel (DBE and capsule endoscopy). RIE is a regional centre for all these procedures, performing approx, 900 ERCP, & 700 EUS annually, as well as several weekly lists for Upper GI therapy, 400-500 SB capsule endoscopies annually and weekly DBE lists).

The other 5 sessions per week are service-related lists (OGD and colonoscopy) and successful candidates must be competent and independent in these, and also a weekly new GI outpatient clinic.

There is a GIM component to this role, and on call commitment of 1 in 9-10.

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