Clinical Fellow
flexibly up to 4 years

This is a unique opportunity to work in one of the premier GI Units in the UK. There have been >20 previous fellows in the last decade both from the UK and internationally (links with Italy, Malta, Egypt, Turkey, and Spain). The Sheffield GI Unit has over 30 Consultants (6 Professors).

There is a high retention rate for fellows and SPR’s which we hope reflects ‘happiness’ within our department. People come to our unit and then they want to stay. Your fellowship can be in any aspect of Endoscopy or research. We are the only GI Unit in the UK to have won the BSG Hopkins Endoscopy Prize 3 times (2012, 2017 & 2019). We are also a World Endoscopy Organisation recognised site of excellence and were awarded the Excellence in Patient Care Award 2021 by the Royal College of Physicians.

We would love to hear from you and can help you plan your fellowship. The most important thing is to make contact early. There are posts coming up as frequently as 6 monthly. For more information contact us at or visit our website

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