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Workforce Report 2007

Updated on: 04 Apr 2020   First published on 31 Oct 2007


As of 30/9/07 there were 938 Consultant Gastroenterologists across the UK, an increase of 3.9%.  During 2000-2005 there was been a consistent, approximate 7% growth in posts across the UK – this rate slowed to 2.3% in 2006 but has increased somewhat during the past 12 months.  Data for different parts of the UK are shown below.  The agreed long-term aim is that there should be around 6 whole-time equivalent gastroenterologists per 250,000, which equates to around 1900 consultant posts in the UK and 1625 posts in England (see page 9 for details). There was little evidence of difficulty in appointing consultants in gastroenterology, with only 6 of 55 (11%) advertised posts not appointed  over the past year (RCP confirmed data).  178 (19%) consultants reported that they were not members of the BSG.

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