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Clinical Controversies in Endoscopy

Updated on: 09 Feb 2022   First published on 31 Jan 2022

This webinar, recorded on the 30th June 2021, featured talks on clinical controversies in endoscopy. The webinar was chaired by Dr Ian Penman (BSG Endoscopy Vice-President) and Mark Coleman (Chair of JAG).

Overview of the programme and speakers

  • Coffee ground vomiting: Is it a GI bleed?
    • Dr Mo Thoufeeq, Sheffield
  • Endoscopic biopsies: Are we overburdening pathologists?
    • Professor Neil Shepherd, Gloucester
  • Colonoscopy after CT diagnosed Diverticulitis: Is it necessary?
    • Dr Oliver Warren, London
  • Incidental CBD stones in asymptomatic patients: Is ERCP required?
    • Dr John Leeds, Newcastle

Clinical Controversies in Endoscopy part 2 and part 3 are also available to watch online.

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