Gender Equity in College Majors

Looking Beyond the STEM/Non-STEM Dichotomy for Answers Regarding Female Participation

Senior NHS female doctors are earning less than their male counterparts, a BBC investigation shows.

Top women doctors lose out in NHS pay stakes

Do Women’s Networking Events Move the Needle on Equality?

Cancer Research UK position paper on the diagnostic workforce in Wales

Hepatology PYA process 2018-2019

Hepatology ATP information 2019 entry

Gender Issues in Surgery

IBD Congress News

BSG Trainees Section Out of Programme Award 2016

Apprenticeship-based training in Neurogastroenterology and Motility

Gender pay gap: Women are rewarded less for loyalty and penalised more in male-dominated jobs

Women are rewarded less for loyalty and are paid up to a quarter less than their male colleagues in the most male-dominated occupations

What’s a nice girl like you doing in this job?

With advancing years this common question, often from an anxious patient undergoing a rectal examination, has ambiguously changed to ‘whatever led you into this area?’

What a lovely baby. When are you going back to work?

Women get less credit than men in workplace: Study

Women receive less credit for speaking up in the workplace than their male counterparts, a study has found.

Women’s visibility in academic seminars: women ask fewer questions than men

Advanced Training Programme (ATP) in nutrition

Applications are invited for a one year Advanced Training Programme (ATP) in nutrition, commencing September 2018 for a one year period.

Royal Medical Benevolent Fund President's Appeal

Cancer Workforce Plan - Phase 1: Delivering the cancer strategy to 2021

BSG’s response to the Health Education England Cancer Workforce Plan 2017

Changes to the Specialty Certificate Examination

Training pathways: analysis of the transition from the foundation programme to the next stage of training

This is the first in a series of reports exploring how doctors progress through training.

Will you be a 2018 BSG research champion?

The Research and Academic Development Committees of the BSG are seeking research champions to advise and mentor up to 3 Gastroenterology trainees at the BSG annual meeting in 2018.

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