My name is Shairoz Samji and I am the new Flexible Rep to the BSG Training Committee.  I trained full-time until I became pregnant as an ST5 with my son Aaron. I always knew when I had a child that I would need to work LTFT as I wished to balance bringing up my son and working in a busy medical specialty. I highly recommend the move.

Personally I had a difficult time transitioning from full-time to LTFT training (LTFTT). In 2018 I chose to take up the post of LTFT rep to the Yorkshire regional Junior Dr committee BMA with the aim of empowering other LTFT trainees with the knowledge of how to get the most out of LTFTT.

LTFT trainees are a broad church. We maybe part-time clinical, part-time academic, some of us are LTFT due to caring responsibilities and some to support physical and or mental health problems. Others might be category 2 in order to pursue other exceptional interests or talents outside of medicine. Training in a busy craft specialty LTFT can sometimes present hurdles. However with the right advice  these challenges can be overcome. If you are considering becoming LTFT or are LTFT and you are having a tricky time I would like to offer my ear. Feel free to contact me via