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Advanced Hepatology Training Posts

Advanced Hepatology Training Posts 2023

The ATPs below are approved for advanced training in Hepatology, including experience in a transplant unit, with a view to subspecialty accreditation providing other requirements are met. Some posts will be more suited to future DGH hepatologists. ATPs are not mandatory for academic/NTN(A) trainees. The recruitment window will open via Oriel in November 2022 for approx. 4 weeks, with a view to interviewing for short-listed applicants in January 2023. Interviewers will comprise Hepatology Leads from the host centres. Posts will commence on the first Monday of the respective month.

Trainees can enter the posts from ST5 or ST6. If a trainee exits a post early due to unforeseen circumstances (eg pregnancy, but not research) the trainee will be re-accommodated the following year. Trainees should not apply if their CCT date is before August 2024. Re LTFT, at 60% a trainee will have to do the post twice (and will be re-accommodated automatically). At 80% a trainee will be deemed to have completed the post after 12 m but will still require 24 m WTE hepatology training overall (not more than 6 m in level 1 centre).

Trainees are encouraged to contact individual host centres if require specific information ahead of application/interviews. Of note there is only a short window between offer and acceptance.

Lead centre Transplant unit Duration in transplant unit (m) Lead Centre Contact
Birmingham Birmingham 12 Fiona Thompson

Bristol (x 2 posts)


Royal Free 6 Fiona Gordon (Bristol)

Louise China (R Free)

Cambridge Cambridge 12 Bill Griffiths
Cardiff Royal Free 3 Brijesh Srivastava
Edinburgh (x 2 posts)* Edinburgh 12 Carol Blair

Liverpool (x 2 posts)


Birmingham 6 Ed Britton (Liverpool)

Fiona Thompson (Birmingham)

Manchester Leeds 3 Imran Patanwala
Newcastle Newcastle 12 Steve Masson
Nottingham Cambridge 6 Pete Eddowes
Oxford Cambridge 3 Jane Collier

Plymouth (x 2 posts)


King’s 6 Aileen Smith (Plymouth)

Debbie Shawcross (Kings)

Royal London (x 2 posts) Royal Free 6 Vikram Sharma (R London)

Louise China (R Free)


Sheffield (x 2 posts)


Leeds 6 Barbara Hoeroldt (Sheffield)

Leeds Contact Page


St Mary’s (x 2 posts)


King’s 6 Heather Lewis (St Mary’s)

Debbie Shawcross (Kings)

*exact details of Scottish posts TBC