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The purpose of the BSG International Committee is to deliver the overall mission of the BSG to provide the best care and achieve the best outcomes for patients with gastrointestinal and liver diseases in settings across the world. This strategy document details how the International Committee will act to co-ordinate professionals in the Gastroenterology and Hepatology community in the United Kingdom through defined initiatives to enable both the BSG and its members to achieve this mission.

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A message to our members...

I first joined the BSG in 1975 during my work in St Bart’s with Sir Dawson. After that, I left to go to Iraq and I established the Iraqi GIT society, hospital, post graduate GIT study, and the GIT journal. All that happened because of my links to BSG and my colleagues.

After 50 years, I was honoured with the Master of the WGO Award from the World Gastroenterology Organisation. It was the highest honour in my life, and I remembered the BSG in my speech at the World Congress of Gastroenterology 2019.

My best wishes to all my BSG colleagues.

Currently I am international editor for the ASGE (Arab Journal of Gastroenterology) and a few other local journals, and run active practice in our centre in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

– Dr. Makki H. Fayadh

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