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Independent Practice Committee

Aims and Purposes of Independent Practice Committee

(amended June 2017, Chair AC Douds)

•    To promote the highest quality of care and represent the best interests of our patients in independent practice
•    To respond to questions/concerns of BSG members in relation to independent practice
•    To offer advice/support to new consultants with regard to independent practice
•    To represent the BSG at Federation of Independent Practitioners Organisation (FIPO)
•    To liaise with CSSC on re-certification/ revalidation for members who work solely as independent practitioners

Committee Members

Name Position
Rupert Ransford Chair
Tony Tham NI rep
Ian Barrison Retired Clinicians Rep
Vacant ACPGBI Independent Health Care Committee (IHCC)
Vivek Goel Welsh rep
John Green JAG QAUWG Chair
Vacant Scottish rep
David Nylander North of England
Simon Campbell Full Time Independent Practitioners Rep
Adam Harris South of England
Stuart Bloom London rep
Andy Douds East of England Rep



CSSC Independent Practice Committee Minutes – 6th June 2018


The CMA Order obliges consultants to submit fee information so that this can be published on the PHIN website. PHIN has designed a process for consultants to submit this information and will contact consultants on a phased basis from early January 2019. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the PHIN team at consultants@phin.org.uk

From January, there are new requirements on consultants offering private treatment services to be transparent about the typical fees they charge patients for private consultations and procedures. An investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in 2014 found a lack of transparency in the costs that patients can expect to pay when accessing private care.

The lack of transparency is particularly felt by those who self-fund. This is the group that often has the least information about the cost of their procedure and are most vulnerable to unforeseen charges required by clinical need.
In response, the CMA mandated the Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN) to collect performance and costs information and publish this information to better inform patients on their website.
Starting in January PHIN will begin contacting consultants on a phased rollout, asking them to log in to their PHIN portal accounts and input the typical fees they charge to self-pay patients.  The first consultants to be invited to insert their fees will be the >1,600 consultants who currently appear on PHIN’s website with their activity performance measures. Other consultants will be contacted throughout the first quarter of next year.
To ensure the information published on PHIN’s website is as clear and useful for patients as possible, hospitals are also being invited to submit ‘inclusive package’ prices – where the consultants’ fee is rolled into the hospital invoice and presented as a single cost to the patient. This will enable PHIN to provide patients with a genuine view of the price they can expect to pay and avoid unexpected fees.
There will be advice and guides for consultants to help them through the process. We encourage all consultants that see patients on a private basis to engage proactively with this process. This is not only a legal requirement but is also important for providing patients with all the necessary information when considering their care – whether NHS or private.
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the PHIN team at consultants@phin.org.uk

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