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Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust Gastroenterology Clinical Assessment Service

Updated on: 08 Dec 2021   First published on 28 Mar 2019

Learning points

  • It can be challenging to develop and implement a new service requiring agreement and collaboration from various stakeholders
  • The CAS model has provided improved performance target attainment and delivered a financial saving. Whilst there are administrative costs involved, it is clear that CAS offers value for money
  • CAS has also provided a platform through which providers can have clinical discussions with CCGs
  • Initially we underestimated the amount of administrative time / work required – the appointment of a full time administrator made the process much easier to manage
  • We also found that limiting the triage process to 2 or 3 consultants provided a more consistent approach and allowed for easier and more meaningful comparisons between these consultants. We now have 6 monthly review of triage outcomes and discuss differences (between ourselves and with the wider GI team) to ensure that we are being consistent and complying with any available guidance

Download the full report below

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