This senior post is for three years. The Research Committee Chair will work with the other members of the Research Committee in order to address all the roles and remit of the Research Committee, including implementation of the Research Strategy. The new Chair will be a member of BSG Exec and Council, documenting goals, activities, plans and assessments of success.

The Chair will be expected to 

  • Work closely with the BSG Head of Research and Learning in order to action the above roles of the Research Committee
  • Chair a Research Committee meeting at least twice a year
  • Sit on BSG Exec and Council (which meet on the same day four times per year, full day meeting), with attendant responsibilities
  • Sit on or otherwise liaise with the UKCRN Gastrointestinal and Liver National Specialty Groups (each of which meets three times per year)
  • Sit on or be represented on the Programme Committee (which meets three times per year, the day before or the day after Exec and Council) 
  • Be an ex officio member of Guts UK’s Board of Trustees and Research Awards Committee
  • Maintain an action plan with specific goals 
  • Contribute to BSG news and emails to highlight and advertise opportunities and activities to relevant membership groups
  • Make proposals to Council which, if well developed and supported, would be likely to attract Council’s approval.
  • Determine the Research Committee budget taking into account its activities such as Clinical Research Group meetings, workshops and bursaries
  • Develop interactions with patients and the public

For the job description, please email To apply, please send a covering letter outlining how you meet the criteria and why you would like to be appointed and a brief CV (2 pages maximum), copying in Interviews will be held in London on November 21st (afternoon). The successful candidate should plan to attend the 14 December Exec & Council meetings.

The deadline to apply is November 14th, 9:00am.

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