An unknown proportion of adults and children with coeliac disease are offered an annual review. Within the NHS it will depend on where they live... and what it consists of varies greatly. National guidance is based on a predominance of expert opinion due to the lack of high quality studies informing the provision of coeliac disease follow up care. The traditional annual review, consisting of an individual appointment is already changing into a variety of different services. 

This study aims to provide a comprehensive description of annual review provision for adults and children with coeliac disease across the UK, in the process it will highlight innovative practice. Reporting national data will provide a stronger voice for improving the management of coeliac disease and informing national guidelines. A key strength of this study will be presenting data from all geographical regions. 

Are annual reviews available to ADULTS or CHILDREN with coeliac disease in YOUR area? Please click on the link for further details and to access to the survey:  The survey takes up to 30 minutes to complete, you will be invited to take part in a prize draw (two £50 shopping vouchers of your choice to be won).

This is a British Dietetic Association GET funded project, led by Dr Yvonne Jeanes RD, University of Roehampton & Education and Training Lead, BDA Gastroenterology group.