The BSG congratulates all winners for their hard work. All winners receive a certificate. The details of winning presentations are listed further below. 

Journal prizes

Journal prize winners were awarded on an individual basis, as outlined below. Certificates for the following three prizes were presented during the research-focused Plenary session at BSG 2019 on Thursday 20 June 2019.

President Cathryn Edwards and Mr Filip Baert holding the BMJ Open Gastroenterology Award for best scoring abstract at BSG 2019.
BSG President Cathryn Edwards and Frontline Gastroenterology Editor-in-Chief Mark Beattie with award recipient Dr Emma Robinson.
President Cathryn Edwards and Prof Emad El-Omar (GUT) with award recipient Dr Ruairi Lynch

The winner of the BMJ Open Gastroenterology prize for the "Best clinical science abstract for oral presentation" was chosen by Dr Joseph Lim (Editor). The prize, awarded to Ms Nicola Heggs (Takeda) for OTH-12: "Efficacy and Safety of Vedolizumab Subcutaneous Formulation for Ulcerative Colitis: Results of the VISIBLE Trial", was presented by Dr Cathryn Edwards. Ms Heggs won £200. 

The winner of the Frontline Gastroenterology prize for "Best patient benefit in gastroenterology" was chosen by Dr Mark Beattie (Editor) and team. The prize was presented by Dr Beattie to Dr Emma Robinson (Dundee) for OTH-11: "Intelligent liver function testing (iLFT) in action". Dr Robinson won £250.

The winner of the Gut prize for the "Best basic science abstract for oral presentation" was chosen by Prof Emad El-Omar (Editor), who presented the prize to Dr Ruairi Lynch (Edinburgh) for OTH-12: "Therapeutic Interleukin 4 modulates monocyte dynamics and accelerates repair following acute liver injury". Dr Lynch won £350.

These three abstracts will be published by the BMJ, in a supplement to Gut, along with all the other accepted abstracts.

A full list of the 2019 poster and oral winners can be accessed here.

Research Awards

Poster and oral communication prizes are funded by the BSG Research Committee's budget.

BSG Hopkins Prize for Endoscopy 2019: "Changing everyday clinical practice through endoscopic research" by Prof David Sanders

Sir Francis Avery Jones Research Award 2019: "Liver senescence – How the liver can grow without growing old or lumpy" by Dr Thomas Bird

Sir Arthur Hurst Lecture 2019: "Host microbe interactions in the intestine: New therapeutic strategies for the treatment of immune-mediated diseases" by Prof Fiona Powrie

Clinical Services & Standards Committee Service Development Prize

We were delighted to receive 15 high quality entries for the new service delivery prize. The winner of the BSG Clinical Services & Standards Committee Service Development Prize 2019, chosen by Dr Mark Beattie and the CSSC team, is Dr Jane Chalmers and colleagues, on behalf of the NIHR Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre, Nottingham University Hospitals and the University of Nottingham, for “the development of a new diagnostic pathway to detect chronic liver disease across primary and secondary care”. The prize was presented at the BSG Plenary session on Tuesday 18th June by Dr Cathryn Edwards and Dr Tony Tham. Dr Chalmers won £250.

Four highly commended awards go to Dr Mohid Khan at Cardiff & Vale UHB; Dr Stuart McPherson at Newcastle upon Tyne hospitals & Newcastle University; Professor Shaji Sebastian at IBD Hull; and Dr Victoria L McCune at the Microbiome Treatment Centre, University of Birmingham.

All entries will be published on the BSG website over the course of the year. We hope to build on this success in future years. The top five entries were on display throughout BSG as exhibition posters to highlight their work.

Nursing Award

Mrs Hayley Leyland, for the Home Parenteral and Intestinal Failure Service in Newcastle Upon Tyne, covers North East England & Cumbria

Mrs Hayley Leyland receiving the 2019 Nursing Award

Trainees Section Prizes

BSG Trainees Section Out of Programme Award (£1,000): Dr Rebecca Harris, Royal Derby Hospital 

BSG Young Gastroenterologist of the Year – Clinical & Translational Science (£1,000): Dr Ben Mullish, St Mary’s Hospital (Paddington)

Leadership & Management Prize (£1,000): Dr Shairoz Samji, Hull & East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

The Alistair McIntyre Prize for Improving Gastroenterology Training (£1,000 to winner and £500 to each of two runners-up):-

  • Winner - Dr Rebecca Smith
  • Runners up: Dr Keith Siau, Hospital TBC; Dr Omer Ahmad; University College Hospital London

Gastroenterology Film Festival - Judges' Choice Award  Dr Cheh Juan Tai, Homerton University Hospital 

Education Committee Travel Bursaries

BSG Bursaries

Each bursary of up to £500 is funded by the BSG and is intended to reimburse the costs of registration, travel and/or accommodation. The 6 recipients are listed below. 

  • Dr Cheh Kuan Tai
  • Dr Misha Kabir
  • Dr Srivathsan Ravindran
  • Mr Oliver Phipps
  • Mrs Vanessa Lucas
  • Mrs Diane Barrett

Janssen Bursaries

The BSG and Janssen were very pleased to offer 6 sponsored places for BSG members to attend the BSG Annual Meeting, 17-20 June 2019 in Glasgow. Fully supported by Janssen, the sponsorship was available to BSG trainee and consultant members (within 5 years of their consultant appointment or full-time equivalent, if working LTFT since appointment). Each sponsored place was awarded following competitive application and judging by the BSG Education Committee. The entire application and selection process was completely independent of Janssen and its employees.The 6 recipients are listed below.

  • Dr Jennie Clough
  • Dr Vincent Ting Fung Cheung
  • Dr Tristan Townsend
  • Dr Omer Ahmad
  • Dr Liam Dale Morris
  • Dr Ellie Taylor

Abstract-related Bursaries 

Poster Presentations and BSG 2019
Poster Presentations at BSG 2019
Poster Presentations at BSG 2019
Poster Presentations at BSG 2019
Poster Presentations at BSG 2019
Poster Presentations at BSG 2019
These were awarded to the following 15 people:

Travel (free registration for the whole meeting and up to £500 to support expenses)

  • Dr Donna Ese Thomas-Macauley (Sierra Leone) to present poster OTH-06 "Outcomes from the first formalised national endoscopy service in Sierra Leone"
  • Dr Diego Caroli (Italy) to present oral communication OWE-022 “Role of low grade dysplasia small polyps during screening colonoscopies surveillance: a prospective cohort study". Dr Caroli also presented posters PWE-043 "Burden of Clostridium difficile Infection on hospitalization and its impact on specific Major Diagnostic Categories" and PWE-044 "Acute colon diverticulitis hospitalization trends in Veneto Region (Northeast Italy)"
  • Dr Erik Rosa-Rizzotto (Italy) to present oral communication OWE-34 "ADR in CRC screening programs: master show me the way to become a high detector!"
  • Mrs Elisabeth Blüthner (Germany) to present oral communication OWE-15 "Advanced liver function assessment in patients with intestinal failure on long-term parenteral nutrition"

Lab science (up to £250 to support expenses)

  • Miss Jocelyn Cheuk for poster PTU-007 "The Development of Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes harnessing the Gut Microbiome and Host Genetics"
  • Dr Robin Dart for poster PTH-082 "Dysregulation of a novel axis of epithelial-T-cell interaction is evident in IBD"
  • Mr Gerum Gashaw Gebeyehu for oral communication OWE-12 "Fungal fumes in faeces - hidden culprit behind Parkinson’s disease? A faecal metabolomics study"
  • Dr Yang Liu for poster PTH-038 "Resonance Enhanced Self-Propelled Capsule Endoscopy for Small Bowel Examination"
  • Dr Awad Mahalhal for poster PTH-102 "Ferric maltol, unlike ferrous sulphate, does not adversely affect the intestinal microbiome"
  • Dr Hafid Omar Al-Hassi for oral presentation OWE-26 "Inflammatory responses in patients with colorectal cancer and iron deficiency anaemia treated with oral iron"
  • Dr Nabil Parkar for abstract AWE-09 "Characterization of neuronal innervation and its supporting structures in germ-free, conventional and germ-free-mice recolonised with bacteroides-thetaiotaomicron"
  • Dr Jonathan Segal for poster PTH-118 "Mucosal tissue short chain fatty acids contribute to prediction of pouchitis in restorative proctocolectomy
  • Dr Maria Tabuso for oral communication OWE-23 "Versatile role of secreted frizzled related protein 2 (SFRP2) in colon cancer: potential stromal target"
  • Dr Maria Tabuso for poster PWE-056 "Rosiglitazone: a potential new stroma targeted therapeutic agent in colon cancer"
  • Dr Evangelos Triantafyllo for oral communication OTU-13 "PD-1+ macrophages contribute to impaired microbial clearance in acute liver failure"