The primary objective of this study will be to assess whether stabilising gut dysbiosis with FMT in patients with advanced cirrhosis is both feasible and safe. Patients with advanced cirrhosis have enteric dysbiosis with small bowel bacterial overgrowth and translocation of bacteria and their products across the gut epithelial barrier. This culminates in systemic inflammation and endotoxemia which induces innate immune dysfunction predisposing to infection and development of complications such as bleeding, sepsis and hepatic encephalopathy. The systemic inflammation also plays a key role in the natural history of cirrhosis by influencing the rate of progression to advanced liver disease and terminal liver failure. The investigators will apply FMT from a healthy donor to modify the gut microbiome with the aim of alleviating gut dysbiosis and immune dysfunction. This may ultimately reduce the progression to chronic liver failure and the development of infection and organ dysfunction. The trial, which is taking place at King’s College Hospital, is now open for recruitment; referrals would be welcome. Further details are available on the trial page and from the trial contacts.