Thirty five NHS chief nurses from across the midlands attended a NIHR professional briefing event focused on the nurse contribution to research, quality and economic growth.

NIHR Chief Nurses’ Meeting took place in Birmingham on 8 February 2018 – the second of four events organised by the CRN’s Workforce, Learning and Organisational Development Directorate - bringing the country’s top nurses together to discuss the vital role they have to play in delivering clinical research and improving health outcomes.

The event was hosted by Dr Susan Hamer, Director of Nursing, Learning and Organisational Development and featured a umber of renowned guest speakers from the NHS, NIHR and NHS Improvement.

Speakers included Dr Cheryl Etches, Chief Nurse and Deputy Chief Executive at the Royal Wolverhampton Trust – who welcomed attendees and stressed the importance of research and practice staff coming together to overcome present day challenges in healthcare.

Julie Holding, Head of Patient Experience at NHS Improvement followed, delivering a presentation on the relationship between research active organisations and good clinical outcomes – and highlighted that developing research can enable improved ways of working which can actually create capacity to deliver care.

Deputy Operating Officers from two Local Clinical Research Networks (LCRNs) - Claire Meachin (South London LCRN) and Kathryn Fairbrother (East Midlands LCRN) spoke about the nursing contribution to advancing science, and the role of clinical research nurses play in impacting on evidence based care. While Acting Chief Operating Officer Pauline Boyle presented the economic case for developing and delivering research – including the potential savings for NHS trusts found by KPMG.

The afternoon event closed with group workshops and discussions, focused around how best to generate capacity and capability for developing clinical research.