The JRCPTB are monitoring Gastroenterology trainees who will be seeking Hepatology subspecialty accreditation, based on national Hepatology ATP recruitment and an annually updated academic trainee list.


An online form is established on Eportfolio which allows achievement to date towards accreditation

with remaining targets/training time. The form will be completed ahead of or at the same time as the Gastroenterology PYA by the Hepatology subspecialty TPD (below). Of note, a different subspecialty TPD may be assigned if the candidate is well to known to them to ensure externality.

The subspecialty TPD will liaise with trainee, TPD and Gastroenterology PYA assessor as necessary prior to PYA completion.

At the Gastroenterology final ARCP, the trainee’s local TPD will need to include Hepatology as a subspecialty on the outcome 6 form and will then review the Hepatology PYA targets (as per the PYA form), stating whether these have been met. The educational supervisor for the ATP should have already ratified the decision aid for that year. Of note trainees who take up a hepatology ATP need to ‘uncount’ any research time already counted towards CCT and flag this with their TPD.