We are delighted to share with BSG members that we now have more than 20 active projects over the UK totalling almost £2 million. The following Guts UK grants were awarded last year:

Guts UK/BSG Trainee Awards 2018 (3 x IBD)

  •  King’s College London/ Gastroenterology London Investigative Network for Trainees (GLINT) - Quality of care transition in adult IBD patients transferring between healthcare providers: a multicentre audit
  • The Oxford and Thames Valley Young Gastroenterologists Network (OxYGEN) - Effect of diet, nutritional status, and body composition on biologic therapy in IBD
  • Dr Suneil Raju, Sheffield - Review of current diagnostic procedure and management of patients with microscopic colitis: Are we getting it right?

Guts UK Development Awards 2018 (1 x IBD, 2 x Liver)

  • Dr Marc Emmanuel-Dumas, Imperial College, London - Precision medicine through integrative metagenomics and phenomics in a human NAFLD cohort
  • Dr Gwo-tzer Ho, University of Edinburgh - Resolving Inflammation in IBD: Developing a new therapeutic approach by targeting pro-inflammatory mitochondrial formylated petides on neutrophil FPR1-pathway
  • Dr Varinder Athwal, University of Manchester - investigating fibrosis pathobiology in cystic fibrosis related liver disease to improve clinical detection and management

Guts UK/forCrohns Awards (Crohns, 2 x £50,000)

  • Dr Konstantinos Gerasimidis, University of Glasgow - A pilot study to assess the clinical efficacy of the novel CD-TREAT diet in patients with active Crohn’s disease (£49,916)
  • Dr Nick Powell , King’s College London - TNFα responsive transcriptional networks in the human intestinal epithelium- the key to predicting therapeutic response to antic-TNFαin Crohn’s disease (£48,737)

Guts UK/Parabola Grant (£1,249,831,000, Colorectal Cancer Prevention)

  • Professor Colin Rees, University of Newcastle & South Tyneside NHS Trust - COLO-COHORT Colorectal Cancer Cohort Study

Guts UK/Olympus Fellowship (£210,000 NEW, Upper GI/Barrett’s Oesophagus)

  • Dr Sara Jamal, Imperial College London - Profiling of Dysplastic Changes in Barrett’s Oesophagus and Early Oesophageal Cancer Using Non-Invasive Volatile Organic Compound Analysis of Exhaled Breath 

Guts UK/Amelie Waring Fellowship (Pancreatitis, £179,423)

  • Mr James O’Kelly, University of Edinburgh - Single cell definition of the mechanistic role of kynurenine monooxygenase at the innate immune interface in acute pancreatitis.

More information on all the above and other Guts UK funded active research can be found here.

For 2019, Guts UK Grants open currently are:

  • Guts UK/Dr Falk Awards – Investing In Future Researchers: There are 10 separate awards ranging from £1,000 prizes to £10,000 SpRs Trainee Grant and including prizes for Nurses and Dietitians https://gutscharity.org.uk/research/grants-and-awards/the-guts-uk-dr-falk-awards Deadline is March 4th 2019 at 5pm.
  • Childhood Gut and Liver Disease – a joint Guts UK/BSPGHAN Grant round offering 2 grants up to £40,000 each will open at the end of January 2019

I hope BSG members agree this is an impressive year of growth and investment into GI research by Guts UK . Congratulations to all award winners.  

More news on further Guts UK grants for 2019 to follow!


Julie Harrington
CEO, Guts UK