The BSG recognising that 2018 is the centenary of universal suffrage for women, invites you to help

change the face of Gastroenterology and for this year become more ‘visible’. The percentage of women in our specialty is growing slowly, we are now 18% of the consultant workforce and 36% of the trainee cohort.


In June 2018, I will have the great privilege of becoming the 75th President of the BSG and the 2nd woman to hold that role. The good stewardship of that position is independent of gender, but I want your help in promoting gastroenterology and hepatology as a great and varied specialty and of course to promote the whole cohort of women who along with me have chosen GI as our career. Visibility is important, so take a moment to inspire other women to choose Gastroenterology and Hepatology and send your photo with a few lines of stating why the specialty matters to you.


It takes less than 5 minutes of your time. Join me in making the specialty visible and celebrate the continued contribution of women in medicine.


Pictures say more than words!

Send yours with permission for us to use the image as part of our #changingthefaceof gastroenterology2018 to Marcia Lead for BSG comms @  and inspire others to do the same!


(Pictures or selfie of you in your workplace are ideal, with your team, in endoscopy giving a lecture doing what you are passionate about! )




"Gastroenterology as a craft specialty has given me a much valued variety in my clinical practice. From fixing the ‘emergency bleed’ to the challenges of chronic disease management: from IBD to anorexia there’s never a dull moment…… "




Dr Cathryn Edwards
President, British Society of Gastroenterology