The oesophageal section has been very active over the last year and has produced and published guidelines on oesophageal dilatation. Guidelines on the use of and interpretation of oesophageal physiology (pHmetry and high resolution manometry) have also been completed and are due for publication later this year. 

These guidelines will serve as a practical tool for trainees in the management of complex oesophageal disorders. 

The BSG 2018 conference provided an excellent platform to review these guidelines and discuss their implications for patient management. This was followed up by a state of the art presentation on the Professor Mark Fox, Zurich, about new developments in oesophageal physiology. The oesophageal section were also privileged to host Professor Kenneth McColl (Glasgow) who gave a fascinating and thoroughly entertaining talk on PPI’s – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. 

Continuing on a guideline front, following the planned launch of Jorveza, the only licensed treatment for eosinophilic oesophagitis, guidelines on the investigation and management of this underdiagnosed condition are currently being completed by the section, for anticipated publication in 2019. 

Finally, the oesophageal section will be organising a standalone symposium in the RCP London on 19th November on high quality endoscopy, the potential for aspirin as a chemopreventative agent in the management of Barrett’s oesophagus as well as an overview on the management of achalasia. 

Other oesophageal themed conferences being hosted in the next year include: