It is very exciting to be able to see the publication by Lawler et al. They have undertaken an important piece of work to identify fifteen critical gaps in the research into prevention and outcomes in colorectal cancer. The work has identified a broad range of priorities which are likely to involve all of areas of research into colorectal cancer, from basic science through to translational and clinical projects over the next 5 years and beyond. These priorities are indeed likely to set out a roadmap for both researchers and funders alike and will hopefully lead to a streamlined approach to colorectal cancer research which will benefit patients and improve outcomes in this disease area.

Dr Matthew Brookes Chair of the BSG Research Committee

Bowel Cancer kills 44 people in the UK every day. It takes away lives too early and blights the lives of many others. We must do more to address this dreadful illness and prioritise research that tackles the key issues to stop people dying from bowel cancer. This important work led by Bowel Cancer UK should help us focus our efforts on the key research areas

Professor Colin Rees Chair of the BSG Endoscopy Clinical Research Group