The BSG International Grant is provided to support a worthwhile educational, service development or research project. 

The aim of this award is to support BSG members to organise and deliver overseas visits in keeping with the BSG International strategy.
The role of the application process has evolved since the inception of the BSG International Grants. It now comprises two-stages which seek to provide an initial evaluation of the project proposal and its overall value and, if short-listed, a second phase which involves expert review of the project – this aims to improve and strengthen the overall bid, reviewing related strategic and political goals and set out the required evaluation framework for the project.

The Award Committee welcome proposals from all professional backgrounds and gastrointestinal speciality interests.
The main requirements of the project proposal are;

i.    The project aims should improve training or service delivery in aspects of gastrointestinal disease management for the benefit of patients.

ii.    The project should promote high-quality, evidence-based practice.

iii.    The project team should comprise sufficient experience to effectively deliver the main aims of the project.

iv.    There should be evidence of local engagement with the service / hospital / academic institution / government where the visit is being conducted.

v.    The project should have clearly defined ‘SMART’ aims and objectives. These should be explained within the context of the BSG International ‘Levels of Development’.

vi.  A detailed financial break-down of costs and expenses should be provided of how the Grant would be used.

Applications for both NEW and RETURNING projects will be accepted. By submitting an application to the BSG International Committee the project proposers will be considered to have accepted the terms of the two-phase assessment process. 

Deadline: 1st May 2019
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