The BSG’s new research strategy sets out our vision to make the BSG a world-leading and innovative organisation for gastroenterology.

Launched at the BSG Annual Conference in June, the strategy was led by Prof Matt Brookes, Chair of the BSG Research Committee. It takes account of the Society’s ambition to set measurable milestones against the priority areas set out in the document, including increasing the proportion of spend on GI research to reflect the burden of disease (including cancers and chronic diseases).

It encourages health, academic and science sectors to collaborate and work with local communities and patients to maximise improved outcomes.

The strategy builds upon the 2010 document developed by Prof Mark Hull, which has a set a standard in shaping current Gastroenterology and Hepatology research.

Martin Lombard, BSG President, said:

“The BSG is very keen to encourage and support its members to undertake research in Gastroenterology and its related disciplines that will lead to benefit for patients.  The BSG views the NIHR portfolio as a particularly important route to undertake research in the NHS, for the NHS, by the NHS so that all patients anywhere in the UK have the opportunity to benefit from participation in research and clinical trials.  Hospitals and GI units where there is active participation in research evidently produce better outcomes and experience for patients.  Our new Research Strategy, describes how members can become involved in the priority areas set by our clinical research groups.  We hope it will encourage our members to explore every avenue to become involved and look for opportunities to answer the call.”

Dr Jonathan P Sheffield CEO NIHR Clinical Research Network, added  

“The ‘Improving Gastrointestinal and Liver Care through Research Strategy’ is an exemplar for specialist societies delivering a multi-professional plan to deliver better care for patients.  It lays down priority research derived from a sound evidence base.  Future care in the NHS will be dramatically improved by the disruptive innovation delivered through this targeted plan.” 


Notes to Editors

The British Society of Gastroenterology is an organisation focused on the promotion of gastroenterology within the United Kingdom. It has over three thousand members drawn from the ranks of physicians, surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, scientists, nurses, dietitians, and others interested in the field. 

BSG Research Committee always welcomes new ideas and input from any BSG member or partner organisation and can be contacted easily at

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