Last week (w/c 4th February) RCP London and the Royal College of Radiologists will survey members and fellows on their opinions concerning assisted dying. The rationale for this is set out on the RCP website.

The survey is short and records the opinions of individuals anonymously. It will be possible to analyse the results according to specialty, which may explain some of the variation in stance taken by individuals.

Assisted dying is a societal issue, which speaks to our fundamental belief systems as well as our personal and professional ethics. The BSG has never surveyed its members directly on this challenging area and takes no position on the issue as a membership society. I would however, strongly encourage those members of the BSG who are RCP or RCR Fellows to make their views known ( even if their view is that they are undecided) so that the individual opinions of a large number of Gastroenterologists and Hepatologists are accurately recorded.

UK fellows and members of the RCP will have by now, received an email asking them to respond to this survey on assisted dying. The College plans to close the survey at the end of February, but also wants to make sure they have a similar return as in 2014, when over 6,500 people responded. The outcome will be discussed at RCP Council on 21 March, and they will publish the results shortly after.

I have completed my response today.

Kind Regards

Dr Cathryn Edwards President


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