This is the link to this year’s survey:

Please complete this for your unit - deadline for responses is 26th April.

"The annual BSG Clinical Services and Standards (CSSC) survey is sent out to all gastroenterology units in the UK. The aim is to produce a snapshot of what services look like around the country on an annual basis to provide longitudinal data, hopefully showing improvements with time. The data will be anonymised. We plan to publish this so that colleagues are aware of how the rest of the country are performing and are able to compare your services with others. It is hoped that this will act as a driver for local service improvements.

This survey is combined with the workforce survey. The BSG acknowledges that the Society must develop a more rigorous method of collecting and validating workforce data, ideally in real-time across the Four Nations.  Information is needed on demographics such as workforce numbers as well as working patterns, flexible working, workload and retirements.  There is a current Workforce Crisis and Shape of Training will also have an impact on our training programmes.  The challenge is to collect this information and reach out across the whole workforce, rather than just to those who are members of the BSG. 

We estimate that it will take about 20 minutes to complete your survey. The deadline for completion is the 26th of April 2019

Thank you in anticipation."

Tony Tham, Simone Cort, Andy Douds, Rupert Ransford and Charlotte Rutter on behalf of the BSG Clinical Services and Standards Committee

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