Closing date 1 January 2020

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Vee Mapunde

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0113 206 5256.

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The Colorectal Therapies HTC has a strong focus on supporting the development and translation of technology that will address the needs of patients affected by colorectal disease (includes colorectal cancers, IBD, IBS, Crohn’s Disease and Colitis). Their focus is on the following clinical unmet needs identified by clinicians and patients:

  • Prevention and early detection of anastomotic leak
  • Enhanced post-operative recovery
  • Prevention of complications of stoma
  • Early detection of disease
  • Prevention and treatment of post-operative ileus
  • Stratification of colorectal cancer
  • Prevention and repair of incisional hernia complications
  • Next generation surgical instruments (minimally invasive surgery
  • Early detection of sepsis and acute organ failure
  • Biosensors for incontinence detection
  • Improved prosthetic meshes for tissue reconstruction
  • Remote patient monitoring for early detection of post-operative complications

The Colorectal Therapies HTC can offer access to academics, engineers, and other multidisciplinary staff as well as access to patients, international collaborators and industry partners. If any individuals are interested in discussing potential collaborations, applications and/or research, then please contact Vee Mapunde – Programme Manager on 0113 206 5256.

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