CRN National Hepatology Specialty Group

The Clinical Research Network (CRN) is made up of 15 Local Clinical Research Networks (LCRNs) that cover the length and breadth of England. Each LCRN delivers research across 30 clinical specialties. Most of these LCRNs have nominated Local Leads for topic areas such as hepatology, as have the Devolved Nations. These Leads make up the membership of the various national Specialty Groups. More information can be found here.

The remit of the Hepatology Specialty Group is to support a national portfolio of structured research studies related to the pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of liver disease, including acute and chronic liver disease, liver failure, viral hepatitis, liver fibrosis and cirrhosis, liver metabolism, genetic studies (including pharmacogenetics), biomarkers and hepatotoxicity.

The Hepatology Specialty Group takes the lead on studies led by hepatologists, or where hepatologists have major input. The Hepatology Specialty Group works alongside the NIHR Cancer Research Network to support studies of cancers of the liver and biliary tract, and with the Surgery Specialty Group on studies of surgical interventions of the liver and biliary tract.

The Hepatology Specialty Group is working with other stakeholders (including the British Society of Gastroenterology and British Association for the Study of the Liver) to promote the successful delivery of research studies and to help plan new studies that will address patient needs and that will be feasible to deliver in the current NHS setting. The NIHR maintains the list of contact details for Specialty Group members.