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Since 2011, the Trainees Section has become one of the largest and most vibrant bodies within the Society, further developing and delivering training, education, leadership, representation and networking for registrars across the UK.

The Trainees Section organise a number of well-recognised events, including the Management and Leadership Weekend, the Education Weekend and the Taster Weekend, as well as playing an important role in the programme of the BSG Annual Meeting. Trainees have representation on every BSG committee and have led on a number of important initiatives, including writing national BSG guidelines. You can find information on the Trainees Section Committee on their page.

Our ‘taster’ membership is designed for junior doctors in the early years of their training (below ST3) and medical, nursing or scientific students. This gives you a taste of membership of the Society before committing to full Trainee membership. Click here to find out more.

Read the latest Trainees update from the section chair Dr Elizabeth Ratcliffe here.

A message to Trainees from the BSG President

During The BSG Education Weekend in October, President Alastair McKinlay delivered his welcome address to trainees highlighting the vital role that they play within the society.

Some highlights from his address are below:

“We value you, the trainees, very much and the BSG holds the trainee section in very high esteem. We value your enthusiasm and energy, your innovation and willingness to embrace the new. The fun you bring to our society.”

“I was going to say, “I believe that trainees are our future,” but it sounds like a really bad Whitney Houston song. Nevertheless it is true. You are our future colleagues, so we have a vested interest to ensure that you are properly trained, encouraged to be innovative, and above all happy.”

“You are instead the generation that will destroy COVID. You will find the cause of Crohn’s disease. You will fight for a slimmer, healthier population that drink less alcohol and have less liver disease. You are the future, and if I was a gambling man, I would stake everything on you, such is my confidence.”

To watch the address in it’s entirety, click on the video to the left to play.

Trainees Hub

LTFT presents many opportunities but requires careful navigation to ensure success. This article covers:

  • Personal values and family considerations
  • Build a LTFTT network
  • Opportunity scanning
  • Networking
  • Transferable leadership skills
  • Mentoring


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